Attention-grabbing labels: Online requirements and how they are transforming beauty decoration


An eye-catching label or some imaginative decorative effects can be a brand’s most dependable means of getting consumers to take notice. But how are trends like social media retail and environmentalism pushing demand?

<i>HCP’s ‘Hush’ creates a natural decorative effect</i>

HCP’s ‘Hush’ creates a natural decorative effect

The volume of self-adhesive labels circulating each year around Europe alone would cover the equivalent of an area in excess of 8 million square metres. That’s enough real estate to enable the entire UK population to stand shoulder to shoulder with breathing space left over to comfortably accommodate all of the inhabitants of Belgium to boot.

That’s a lot of ground covered by what is invariably the smallest component within the packaging toolbox.

It’s able to punch way above its weight in terms of delivering marketing clout too.

The role played by the label in communicating the retail value proposition can be multifaceted.

At its least it serves as an easy-to-spot visual homing beacon on-shelf. With the addition of a little inventiveness, however, it can blossom into a self-help manual extending to several times its size, dispensing beauty tips and skin care application advice, as well as providing extra security or anti-counterfeiting facilities...

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