Avene outsmarts acne with Cleanance Expert


The daily moisturiser contains an innovative ingredient that tricks acne bacteria, and is the first 'prodrug' in a cosmetic product

Adult acne now affects around 44% of women in the UK, according to a recent survey commissioned by Eau Thermale Avène with The Leadership Factor. It is for these women that Avène has created Cleanance Expert (£15), a gentle daily moisturiser formula, suitable for even sensitive skin, that helps to prevent and treat adult acne.

It combines three active ingredients: monolaurin, which helps to normalise the sebum levels on the skin, reducing sebum production by 33%; X-Pressin, a gentle alternative to AHAs and BHAs that offers the same exfoliating power at 1% as glycolic acid at 6%; and Diolenyl, an intelligent, patented active that the brand claims is the first ever ‘prodrug’ used in a cosmetic product., meaning it acts only where the skin needs it. Diolenyl ‘outsmarts’ the acne-causing bacteria P.acnes, tricking it into thinking it is the triglyceride molecule found in skin’s sebum that it usually feeds on. When the bacteria cuts the Diolenyl, as it would the triglyceride molecule, the ingredient releases an anti-bacterial active to destroy the bacteria, and an anti-inflammatory active that reduces redness and blemishes.

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Cleanance Expert can be applied morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin to help eliminate spots, blackheads and whiteheads, and leave skin feeling smooth and the complexion mattified. It’s available from January 2015 at selected Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, John Bell and Croyden, Central Pharmacy Cardiff and independent pharmacies.