BRB presents the concept So-Solid at this years NYSCC Suppliers' Day

Published: 7-Oct-2021

At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2021 in New York, BRB will continue to showcase the benefits of its latest performance silicone portfolio, couple with various new inspirational formulations based on novel customisation concepts

BRB presents the concept 'So-Solid! Concentrated beauty', a series of four waterless products which cover the segments of men, skin and hair care as well as colour cosmetics.

The four formulas respond to today’s need of reducing plastic packaging and water waste, without renouncing to performance. They are self-preserved, travel friendly, vegan and more sustainable solutions, thanks to its long-lasting durability.

We will introduce:

Volcanic rock: Beard solid shampoo, a gentle yet long-lasting cleanser, that conditions and moisturizes the beard leaving no residue, which contains BRB 2835 and 2836.

Meltylicious: Body butter block, a melting balm to hydrate and nourish dry, sensitive or aged skin, enriched with BRB 2836 and BRB Caprylyl methicone.

Wonbar: Rinse-off conditioner bar, a solid rinse-off conditioner to help detangle, soothe and give shine to hair, boosted by BRB 2835 and BRB PTM 20.

Color 'em up: Cheek and lip tint, a multi-use color to blush your cheeks or highlight your lips, with BRB 2836, BRB Caprylyl methicone, BRB Color Lock and BRB PTM 20.

All of them are based on our alkyl dimethicone range, consisting of an alkyl group grafted onto a silicone backbone. The alkyl dimethicone enhances the compatibility with many organic based cosmetic oil ingredients.

Three different alkyl dimethicone are already within the product portfolio, further products being under study:

  • BRB Caprylyl Methicone is a low viscosity product, compatible with most of cosmetic oils and waxes. It provides a light, non-greasy skin feel and improves spreadability
  • BRB 2835 (INCI: Cetyl Dimethicone) provides excellent lubricity, shine and emolliency to color cosmetics and skin care formulations
  • BRB 2836 (INCI: Stearyl Dimethicone & Octadecene) is a silicone wax. It melts when contact with skin due to low softening point. It provides excellent emolliency and water resistance to skin care, sun care and color cosmetic formulations.

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