Bans, fines and privacy concerns: Is TikTok’s reputation salvageable in 2023?

By Alessandro Carrara 6-Apr-2023

As TikTok reels from a string of bans and a fine from the UK’s data watchdog, should beauty brands be considering a plan B for their marketing strategies in 2023

TikTok boasts over one billion users in 2023

TikTok boasts over one billion users in 2023

Between allegations of data misuse and being touted as a tool to spy on other countries, TikTok has been no stranger to controversy.

But a recent string of bans on government phones across the globe has placed the ByteDance-owned app under increased security in recent months.

This all came to a head in April 2023, when the UK's data watchdog fined the platform £12.7m for its alleged failure to protect the privacy of children.

This, understandably, has placed the app in a precious situation, as discussions around user safety rage online and in the political sphere.

Should beauty businesses, which rely heavily on the platform for marketing and branding, be looking for an exit strategy?

Or is this just a bump in the road for the social media behemoth?...

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