Barbers urged to modernise to keep up with millennials

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 11-Apr-2017

Research by The Bluebeards Revenge and Mojo have found that more than half of consumers want to use technology to book appointments

The traditional barbering industry is being urged to move into the digital age after new research.

More than half of barbershop customers in the UK would prefer to use technology to book appointments.

Research by software company Mojo and male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge found that 54% of men would rather use a website or app to book a hair cut.

The digital demand is attributed to millennial consumers, who are used to using online services to make appointments to meet lifestyle needs.

“Uber and businesses like Deliveroo have created a new consumer attitude and increased expectation in terms of online booking and payment,” said Nick Sando, CEO and Co-founder of Mojo.

“It is now about helping barbers see the benefits of an online presence and on demand bookings, and guiding them through the change.”

In London the results were even more resounding, as 66% of men would prefer to book grooming services online.

Despite the industry criticism, quality is a key factor to 79% of men when booking a haircut and Mojo argue that a barbershops’ ability to take bookings could be linked to the consumers’ perception.

Mike Taylor, Head Educator at the Great British Barbering Academy, commented on the research.

“Technology isn’t going anywhere so the sooner barbers embrace it and cater to the new Facebook crowd generation of clients, the further ahead of the game they will be,” he said.

“Moving forward I think online marketing tools will become increasingly important due to the competition and bookings as well as payments will all become digital.”

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