Bathroom product packaging: Know your user

How consumers’ different bathroom behaviours can be a route to designing better beauty product packaging

Nick Vaus

The bathroom is at once a private yet oddly public space, with visitors prone to a good old snoop in the bathroom cabinet.

Nick Vaus, Partner & Creative Director at Free the Birds – the brand communication and design agency formerly known as DewGibbons + Partners – muses on consumers' approach to bathroom brands and how analysing consumer 'types' can help us improve pack design.

Working in the creative industries, in whatever capacity, puts a certain pressure on you to be stylish – hair, fashion, bags, Apple accessories (I love Pijama's fabric cases) or otherwise. And because I work in beauty design, the products I use are undoubtedly under serious scrutiny by visitors to my house.

Nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom; this is an oddly public space, where 40% of people admit to a good old snoop in the bathroom cabinet (according to a 2015 survey by bathroom brand Bloo), and at the sides of the loo, shower and sink.

I found myself artfully arranging the shampoo and shower gel bottles just before guests arrived last week, and this got me thinking about the kind of consumer behaviour that's going on with brands in the bathroom.

The snipper and tipper

'The snipper and tipper' is absolutely determined to . . .

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