Beauty brands are urging shoppers to be aware of make-up hygiene

Recent reports by Perfect365 and Aromantic are highlighting the potential harmful bacteria lurking in in-store product samples and make-up brushes

Beauty brands are urging consumers to pay more attention to make-up hygiene, following a lawsuit against Sephora by a consumer who claims she contracted herpes from a product tester.

Individual campaigns by digital application app Perfect365 and skin care brand Aromantic are highlighting concerns around product cleanliness.

A recent study by Perfect365 revealed that 63% of consumers will no longer use store make-up testers, out of fear of potentially harmful bacteria.

“Sanitary concerns around in-store make-up testers are coming to the forefront and, like many other industries, technology is primary to solving this dilemma,” said Cara Harbor, Director of Marketing for Perfect365.

Meanwhile, a report from Aromantic claims that 36% of consumers do not know how to, or never have, cleaned their make-up brushes.

This attitude is consistent regardless of age, but over-65s show signs that they are more likely to clean their brushes weekly compared to 18-24 year olds.

The reports follow the case of a US women who sued LVMH-owned retailer Sephora after she allegedly contracted herpes from a lipstick sample.

Dr Rupert Critchley, a non-surgical cosmetics specialist in London told Cosmetics Business: “Alongside thorough hygiene measures and staff training, brands should encourage consumer awareness.

“Providing simple steps to help reduce spread of germs to shoppers may be very useful.”