Beauty routine searches spike on Pinterest as autumn draws in

By Becky Bargh | Published: 2-Sep-2019

A new survey reveals increase in searches for acne, stretch marks and body hair positivity - all up by more than 150%

Social media site Pinterest has found that more than a quarter of its users are searching for new beauty routines as autumn draws in.

According to its latest study, ‘skin care routine’, ‘beauty routine’ and ‘morning routine’ were among the most popular search terms among users from August to September.

Meanwhile, searches for ‘drinks for clear skin’, including Indian drinks, Korean banana milk and dragon fruit drinks, were up 140%.

It attributed the spike to consumers viewing September as a time to ‘start fresh’, similar to the ‘back to school’ feeling.

“Over the years, we’ve seen the end of summer become a distinct and significant moment on Pinterest when people want to make personal changes to refresh their routines, set goals [and] get organised,” said Pinterest’s Culture and Community Manager Enid Hwang.

“We call this mindset ‘back to life’ and find that people have a specific intent around what they’re thinking and feeling as they use Pinterest.”

Body positivity searches also saw an incline among users.

Positivity surrounding acne, stretch marks and body hair were all up more than 150%, while searches for ‘cellulite positivity’ increased by almost 70%.

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