Beiersdorf loses coral friendly sunscreen patent appeal against Aethic

Published: 11-Feb-2019

The German beauty giant had opposed the patent on its uniqueness and ability to support marine life

Beiersdorf loses coral friendly sunscreen patent appeal against Aethic

German beauty giant Beiersdorf has lost an appeal against skin care brand Aethic regarding its ‘ecocompatible’ sunscreen, Sôvée.

The patent, which belongs to Aethic has been upheld by a panel of the European Patent Office in Munich.

The previously granted patent had been opposed by Beiersdorf on a number of fronts including its uniqueness and evidence to support its claim to leave coral and marine life intact.

The sunscreen brand argued that no prior patent had the same formula and that the basis of biological research conducted by inventors Roberto Danovaro, Elisabetta Damiani and Cinzia Corinaldesi was sound.

“The attack was cordial in delivery but quite vicious in substance so it came as a great relief that good sense prevailed,” said Aethic CEO, Allard Marx.

“I am grateful to the members of the panel for their time and dedication to this case.

“The patented formula for Aethic Sôvée protects skin like few others and leaves marine life such as coral and sea urchins intact. That in itself is well worth protecting!”

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