Beiersdorf renames open innovation finder platform

Published: 20-Jun-2016

Parent company of Nivea is promoting its Trusted Network platform

Beiersdorf, the parent company of Nivea, is upping its game in R&D by giving its Pearlfinder open innovation platform a revamp.

The Pearlfinder platform, which relaunched in 2014, is now being renamed Trusted Network and is being hosted at a new address Trusted Network is being powered by Pearlfinders.

Andreas Clausen, Corporate Director Open Innovation & Innovation Portfolio, said: “The collaboration with external innovation partners from industries and the scientific community is an important field for our Research & Development. Under the new communications umbrella... we want to increase our visibility as an attractive and trustworthy partner.”

Beiersdorf has historically worked with more than 500 external partners in R&D; its original Nivea Creme was created in 1911 with the cooperation of dermatologist Dr Paul Gerson Unna.

Last month, 80 in-house researchers attended a Formulation Academy event held by Beiersdorf. A long term innovation partner gave a presentation about new ideas for textures and formulations across categories.

Members of the company’s Trusted Network programme are able to submit proposals and ideas for projects of relevance to Beiersdorf’s portfolio. If a proposal is deemed interesting, they will be contacted.

Beiersdorf acknowledges that confidentiality is of the utmost importance throughout the processing and handling procedure, and notes on its Trusted Network site that ideas will not be used to apply for patents.

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