Bicotene: Free radical protection goes beyond

Published: 12-Aug-2015

Bicosome launches Bicotene Antiox/UV&IR Protection Complex

It is well known that the exposure of skin to sunlight accelerates ageing (photo-ageing) and can cause damage to the skin functionalities, mainly due to the formation of free radicals. Although the skin has antioxidant defence systems to protect itself from free radicals, they can be overwhelmed by excessive exposure to radiation. Therefore, supporting the skin defence system with antioxidants can boost its capacity to protect from the sun.

Very recently, Bicosome launched Bicotene Antiox/UV&IR Protection Complex, an intelligent skin care ingredient for Biological Sun Protection developed with Bicosome patented skin delivery platform. Bicotene Antiox is able to boost the scavenging (free radical neutralisation) power of sun care formulations.

But, what makes this product so revolutionary? To understand the benefits of this ingredient the reader has to go beyond the surface deep to the facts that make this product unique. Because sometimes is in the details where the big difference is found and only a few products are able to support their properties with such strong scientific evidence.

Six main facts that make Bicotene extraordinary are:

  1. Bicotene Antiox has been developed with the company exclusive technology, the Bicosome Platform, which per se provides a set of unique effects: skin lipid matrix reinforcement, skin retention, long lasting effects and targeted delivery.
  2. Bicotene Antiox stabilises the antioxidant complex. Antioxidants are naturally unstable. If they are not properly formulated they are unable to efficiently protect the skin from free radicals. Bicotene formulation is able to protect Carotenes and Vitamins from degradation.
  3. Bicotene Antiox delivers directly to the epidermis. Bicotene Complex penetrates and delivers the protected carotene molecules in the deep epidermis. Bicotene penetrates at least 8 times deeper than a classical liposome system.
  4. Bicotene Antiox free radical protection was measured in the skin. In contrast to other products that claim free radical protection by measuring free radicals in the formulation, the Bicotene Antiox free radical protection was measured in the skin, where the product must work.
  5. Bicotene Antiox protection is integral: UV-Vis & IR protection. Studies demonstrate that Bicotene alone was able to neutralise 100% of the excess free radicals produced in the skin during UV-Vis irradiation and 45% of the excess free radicals produced in the skin during IR irradiation.
  6. Bicotene Antiox offers collagen protection against degradation caused by the solar radiation. Application of Bicotene Antiox in the skin before exposure to an intense IR radiation can prevent the degradation of the collagen fibres.

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