Bionos Biotech introduces new anti-acne efficacy testing at Suppliers' Day

Published: 6-Jun-2019

Bionos Biotech, the Spanish laboratory focused in Efficacy Testing was present at Supplier’s Day in New York last month, introducing its new technology for anti-acne efficacy testing in human volunteers.

Based on the same technology the company has been using during more than two years for anti-wrinkles assessment, Bio3D Structured-light Scanner, Bionos launched a new anti-acne assay, in order to keep supporting its clients in the maximum number of claims and staying at the forefront of the industry.

"This technology reduces the effects of movement when taking the pictures due to the high-speed camera incorporated, and achieves a higher resolution, sensibility and reproducibility that the current systems in the market. Bio3D Structured-light Scanner provides an improvement in acquiring the images, offering also a deeper software analysis, being able to detect very small differences in skin surface.” – comments the Scientific Director, Dr. Jose L. Mullor.

The equipment consists on a 3D scanning system based on fringe projection and structured light (shift-phase method). It can obtain 290 images per second and all the information is analyzed by a software specially developed for the quantification of each of the parameters studied (area, perimeter, height and number of pimples) in a specific region of interest (ROI). By means of an exhaustive analysis of the images obtained before and after a specific treatment, it is possible to determine its effects.

Bionos Biotech at Suppliers Day

Bionos Biotech at Suppliers Day

Being the first time the company exhibits its R&D activity in America, Suppliers’ Day was a complete success, due to the opportunity to meet and discuss with more than 30 different potential clients in only 2 days. “Our idea is to expand our cosmetic testing services from Europe to Asia and United States. In Asia, we have already worked with 3 different companies thank to the last Incosmetics celebrated in Bangkok, and we are near to close 2 or 3 different projects also in United States, due to Suppliers’ Day exhibition”. – concludes David Gonzalez, Business Development Manager of Bionos Biotech.

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