Brown Crayon Project seeks $25K in crowdfunding


The company will produce hair and skin care products for babies and children of colour

A company that hopes to start making what it says will be the first certified-organic, chemist-formulated range of hair and skin care products for babies and children of colour has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

The Brown Crayon Project, founded by Selma Idris, aims to raise $25K in 30 days of the kickstarter campaign. Those that invest in the company will be allowed to pre-order products from the range, with shipping commencing in the summer.

Idris, a Sudanese-American mother of two, said: “There are currently no certified-organic baby care brands on the market made with kids like mine in mind. I created my first products out of necessity after a couple of 'What did you do to the baby's hair?' mishaps. My mother, who was with me for the birth of both of my sons, and I started making what we needed using old North and East African family beauty recipes at home. But our ingredients were limited and I wanted the process and ingredients to be clean and safe and the results to be consistent.”

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The Brown Crayon Project’s range of products includes hair, scalp, skin and body cleansers; conditioners; lotions; moisturisers and oils. The range is designed to provide a complete hair and skin care system for parents of babies of colour. After the campaign is complete, products will be available for pre-order online.