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CVS Pharmacy caters for Hispanic shoppers

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Retailer rolls-out CVS Pharmacy y más store format at nine LA stores

CVS pharmacy has rolled out a new store format in nine of its LA doors in the US, called CVS Pharmacy y más.

The new set-up was implemented to provide an “enhanced and personalised service” for the Hispanic community. Features include bilingual sales associates and signage throughout the stores as well as 1,500 new products across categories including cosmetics and hair care. There will also be new fragrance counters that provide designer perfumes at low prices, plus new lower prices on hundreds of products including value-sized products.

"With CVS Pharmacy y más, we did more than just add more Hispanic products on our shelves. We took a strategic look to truly understand what the Hispanic consumer wanted in a drugstore and how we could fulfill some of their unmet needs," said Gabe Navarro, Chief of Hispanic Consumer Growth at CVS Pharmacy. "We understand that our Hispanic customers are looking for a more personalised shopping experience where they can find their favourite brands at competitive prices, convenient services and a higher level of customer service in an environment where they feel at home."

The implementation of CVS Pharmacy y más in LA follows the opening of 12 locations in Miami in June last year.

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