CVS rolls-out first campaign with new anti-editing Beauty Mark

By Becky Bargh | Published: 25-Apr-2018

Earlier this year CVS Pharmacy revealed its commitment to using only images of unaltered models in its campaigns

CVS rolls-out first campaign with new anti-editing Beauty Mark

CVS Pharmacy, the Us health and beauty retailer, has launched its first advertising campaign carrying its new CVS Beauty Mark.

Any imagery in the Beauty in Real Life campaign with the mark shows consumers that imagery has not been materially edited.

The brand announced its commitment to stop editing imagery in beauty marketing earlier this year.

CVS defines ‘edited’ as changing or enhancing a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye colour, wrinkle or any other individual characteristic.

Norman de Greve, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer at CVS Health, said: “There’s been a shift in what consumers want to see when it comes to beauty.

“They are asking for more transparency and authenticity, and that’s what Beauty in Real Life is all about.”

The Beauty in Real Life initiative shows different women incorporating beauty to their everyday lives.

Shot by female photographer Mei Tao and director Kat Keene, CVS worked with creative agency Standard Black to cast real women to represent diverse beauty.

de Greve continued: “We wanted to introduce a campaign that uses beauty to make women feel good about themselves for empowering them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.”

The reaction to the campaign has been positive on Twitter.

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