Capsisilence turns scalp care into skin care


Capsisilence is an innovative neurocosmetic ingredient design to protect scalp from irritation and relief itchy scalp

Capsisilence turns scalp care into skin care

The scalp is a very thin and sensitive region of the body that is innervated by a network of sensory neurons. Different internal and external factors like pollution, hairdressing treatments or stress can irritate the scalp producing redness, itch, altered barrier function, and desquamation.

To protect the scalp from irritation and itchiness, we have designed Capsisilence, an innovative neurocosmetic ingredient.

Capsisilence acts directly on the sensory neurons in the skin decreasing their hyperexcitation and reducing 20.1% of stinging grade in volunteers using Capsisilence compared to placebo. Thus, Capsisilence prevents the initiation of the itching sensation.

When the scalp is irritated, Capsisilence reduces the release of proinflammatory mediators by the immune cells in the skin. In fact, scalp redness of volunteers using Capsisilence was a 65% less compared to the scalp of placebo users.

To protect the scalp from desquamation and preventing dandruff, Capsisilence increases the expression of key molecules for the structural integrity of skin barrier, protecting from desquamation and delaying dandruff reappearance.

The beneficial effects of Capsisilence on irritation and desquamation continued even 2 weeks after stopping using the ingredient. Indicating the long-lasting effects of the protective benefits of the neurocosmetic ingredient.

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Capsisilence acts from the inside to improve scalp quality and comfort.

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