Cheat your way to… Youthful thick hair

Published: 19-Aug-2013

Treat, tackle and hide thinning hair with these hero products

Cheat 1: Encourage healthy Growth

Topical treatments can encourage healthy hair growth. Divine Herbal Hair Oil is a unique blend of 31 different botanical oils and extracts, each renowned for its ability to stimulate hair growth. The 100% natural oil penetrates deeply into the scalp to repair damaged hair follicles, while providing a boost of nutrients that nourish and heal the scalp, encouraging the hair to grow stronger, longer and healthier.

RRP £24.99, Divine Herbal,

Natur Vital

Natur Vital

Cheat 2: Care for your hair

Keep existing hair strong and healthy with an anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner. Natur Vital’s Hair Loss programme naturally stimulates cell activity, strengthens and stimulates hair growth. The range includes five frequent use shampoos tailored for every hair type: normal, oily, dry or dandruff, plus an anti-breakage formula. Meanwhile, Active Hair Loss Conditioner nourishes and softens hair.

RRP from £9.99, Natur Vital,

Cheat 3: Hide the problem



Hair fibres instantly give the appearance of thicker hair. Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres are 100% keratin, ultra-fine fibres that bind to hair to increase its volume and density. Available in ten shades to match any hair colour, they stick to existing strands via an electrostatic charge. Simply shake into hair and blend with the fingers.

RRP £18.95, Pangaea Laboratories,

Cheat 4: Pump up the volume

VO5 matt fibre

VO5 matt fibre

Customers who are thin on top should avoid heavy, wet-look gels and waxes that can weigh hair down and separate the strands, instead opting for matte-finish, light creams, pastes or pomades. VO5 Extreme Style Matt Fibre adds texture and fullness to hair, with a non-shiny finish. The reworkable formula means users can re-style throughout the day, and the formula washes out easily.

RRP £3.69, Unilever,

Cheat 5: Nourish from within



Many factors including diet, stress and styling have an impact on hair. Scientifically formulated Viviscal helps users retain confidence in their hair by nourishing from within. Viviscal nutrients include the proprietary AminoMar C – a rich compound of marine protein extracts, plus zinc and biotin to help maintain normal, healthy hair. Viviscal is available in pharmacies, salons and dermatology clinics worldwide and is recommended by editors, celebrities and stylists.

RRP £49.95,

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