Clariant launches Touch of Nature range


Includes ingredients for skin, body and hair care formulations

Speciality chemicals supplier Clariant has launched three new product lines under its new Touch of Nature banner, resulting from Clariant’s recently announced partnership with bio-refinery products manufacturer KitoZyme. The new range is claimed to set a benchmark in the production of vegetal chitosan, chitin-glucan and their derivatives. In addition, the products are said to derive from fully renewable, non-GMO, traceable fungi.

The three product lines are Vitipure, Velsan and Zenvivo. According to Clariant, Vitipure skin care ingredients stimulate key cells and the immune system, restoring the skin’s barrier and rebuilding and restructuring skin cells over the long term. Vitipure Feeling is said to be highly efficient for all skin care cosmetics, while Vitipure Sensation, is a refined grade for colour cosmetics.

Velsan Soft is a natural, vegetal replacement for silicones in both skin and hair care products, while Zenvivo is touted as the one and only vegetal chitosan on the market available in two grades with different molecular weights. Zenvivo Protect is a low molecular grade for enhanced antimicrobial properties and can be used across the complete spectrum of skin and hair care applications. Meanwhile, Zenvivo Aqua – the high molecular grade variant – is suitable for use as a film former in hair styling, sun care or decorative cosmetics, or as a conditioning agent for skin and hair care formulations.

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