Clariant's new ingredient uses potato power to tackle under-eye circles

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 4-May-2022

Rootness Awake is shown to improve and smooth out dark circles, reduce puffiness and strengthen eye contour stiffness

Clariant has launched its new natural active ingredient, Rootness Awake, designed to help reduce under-eye circles and eye bags.

The ingredient is extracted from the roots of aeroponically-grown sweet potatoes using plant milking technology, and contains an enriched extract of anti-inflammatory compounds.

Rootness Awake, is said to counter the fragility of the eye contour by decreasing the release of inflammatory mediators, improving the integrity and firmness of the skin.

“Dark circles and puffiness accentuate a tired appearance and are common beauty concerns regardless of gender and age," said Julie Droux, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist at Clariant Natural Ingredients.

“Plant milking technology has enabled us to use an eco-friendly process to discover active molecules with potent properties in sweet potato roots, and to create an enriched extract with high efficacy in tackling many of the biological pathways responsible for alteration of the eye contour.”

The eye contour, according to the group, is one of the first areas where signs of fatigue and ageing appear.

Inflammation in cells can also be caused by pollution and UV radiation, stress and chronic lack of sleep. Additionally, an unhealthy lifestyle is known to exacerbate disruption to this area and cause visible effects.

Clariant said Rootness Awake offers science-backed efficacy in reducing discolouration and ensuring firmness, promoting a revitalised and more youthful eye contour.

Droux added: “Rootness Awake gives formulators new, unique opportunities to develop effective targeted care and eye contour products that contribute to progressing sustainability in skin care.”

The multinational speciality chemicals company debuted the ingredient at the 2022 NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, which took place between 3 - 4 May in New York.

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