Clean Beauty in London ready to launch a 2023 edition under the sign of Conscious Beauty

Published: 13-Apr-2023

The Clean Beauty movement, which includes multiple concepts (Green Beauty, Blue Beauty, Cruelty-free Beauty, Organic Beauty, Waterless Beauty...) is evolving towards a concept of Conscious Beauty

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of the beauty products on their health and the environment, and are making the choice of an ethical beauty, where cleanliness and transparency are key purchasing criteria.

Clean Beauty in London is back for its 2nd edition on April, 17 and 18 at the Brewery in London, to inspire, guide and support beauty brands willing to meet the demands of today's conscious consumers in the development of their skincare, haircare, bodycare, toiletries and makeup product ranges.

Clean Beauty in London, original event will help beauty brands to identify sustainable innovations, adopt eco-friendly packaging practices, use clean and traceable ingredients and formulations, adopt sustainable production methods, and identify trends that will enable them to make progress towards their “clean” goals.

New! INNOZONE: Showcasing the latest Clean Beauty Innovations from exhibitors

We are thrilled to announce the launch of INNOZONE, our latest addition to Clean Beauty in London, this new showcase area, exclusively dedicated to featuring the latest and greatest innovations from our exhibitors will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to preview the ingenuity of our exhibitors as they demonstrate their ability to create innovative and clean beauty products using eco-design, natural and renewable raw materials, and green chemistry.

We're excited to see how INNOZONE will inspire and promote conscious beauty within the industry!

Exhibitor Innovations:

Demystifying “Clean Beauty concept” through a comprehensive conference program with Top Experts and Brands

A comprehensive conference program has been designed to try to demystify the concept of Clean Beauty, featuring an impressive lineup of industry experts and brand testimonials.

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn from top-notch speakers and leading brands about the latest developments in the field of clean beauty, with a focus on four crucial topics.

These topics include Conscious Consumers, where speakers will discuss the growing awareness among consumers and how brands can cater to their needs; Conscious Beauty, where attendees will learn about the importance of ethical and sustainable beauty practices; Avoiding Greenwashing, which will explore how to differentiate between genuine and misleading eco-friendly claims; and Tech and Science of Beauty, which will delve into the latest scientific and technological advancements in the clean beauty industry.

Distinguished speakers such as Sam Farmer from The Society of Cosmetics Scientists, Paige Tracey from The Soil Association, Mark Smith from Natrue, and others will share their insights and experiences on these topics. Additionally, leading brands such as Weleda, Haeckels, Dr. Bronners UK, and the Unseen will also be sharing their knowledge and expertise on conscious and clean beauty practices.

Conference program: Conferences (
Speakers: Meet our beauty experts (

The future of clean beauty will also be found in the show aisles!

Featuring some of the most innovative solutions in skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, and toiletries, our carefully curated exhibitors are committed to providing beauty brands with the latest advancements in clean beauty, showcasing wide ranges of products and services.

From organic ingredients and green chemistry to sustainable raw materials, our exhibitors are dedicated to offering cruelty-free and natural solutions that are both effective and eco-friendly. Attendees can witness firsthand the latest trends in upcycling, recycled materials, and plastic-free packaging.

Top companies in the industry, ingredient suppliers, contract manufacturers/formulators, suppliers of turnkey solutions, accessories or packaging including THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS, APTAR BEAUTY, DTS EUROPE, GOOD FACE PROJECT, OPAC, B.KOLOR MAKEUP & SKINCARE, TECHNOCOSMESI SPA, VALQUER LABORATORIES, among others, will be on hand to showcase their latest innovations and discuss how they can help brands achieve their clean beauty objectives.

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