Clear the slate: Tropic welcomes second water-free cleansing powder

By Becky Bargh | Published: 21-Oct-2020

The new cleanser is an adapted version of the brand’s Clear Skies product and is designed for consumers with oily skin or enlarged pores

Tropic has introduced its second water-free cleansing product.

Formulated specifically for oily skin or enlarged pores, the new Clear Slate product (£18) is blended with plant enzymes to break down and remove excess oil, while sulphur-rich volcanic ash prevents breakouts.

Bamboo charcoal has also been harnessed to remove excess oil and deeply cleanse inside the pores.

Tropic recommends using morning and night by mixing half to a full teaspoon of the product with a few drops of water and massaging into the face, before rinsing with a cloth.

Clear Skies’ packaging is also designed to be refillable and can be topped up with its compostable refill pouch (£17).

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