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Published: 6-Dec-2021

Designed to be performed on all areas where cosmetics are applicable, such as face, body, eyes, hair and the oral cavity

The booming personal care industry provides a series of product categories, to cover all consumer needs regarding beauty, skin care and make-up. Increased brand competition and growing consumer awareness for truthful, honest and fare products creates a big demand for fully Substantiated claims of cosmetics. Manufacturers have only one option for better product promotion, which is cosmetic product testing.

Consisting of protocol variety, scientific know-how, advanced measuring equipment and expanded volunteer base, Clinical Efficacy testing services from QACS labs support you with cosmetic claim substantiation. Clinical efficacy testing and use tests are designed to suit manufacturer requirements. Studies are conducted under good clinical practices and regulatory compliance. Before you promise, test your product with clinical efficacy testing.

Clinical efficacy

Cosmetic claims that are to be substantiated are the ones regarding microbiome, moisture, whitening, anti-wrinkle, elasticity, texture, redness, sebum control, pores, UV, brown spots, non-comedogenicity, dandruff, epilation/depilation and others.

Use tests

During a use test, volunteers are asked to use the product under normal conditions and as specified by the sponsor for a determined period of time and record their opinion. Inclusion criteria that match the target consumer of the product can be chosen from the study sponsor. These studies are conducted under the supervision of a trained clinical professional according to the target area of the product (dermatologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, cosmetologist).

Clinical efficacy testing and use tests from QACS, assist cosmetic claim substantiation and support manufacturers achieve safety and efficacy of personal care, cosmetic and beauty products. Clinical efficacy tests are performed on all areas where cosmetics are applicable, such as face, body, eyes, hair and the oral cavity.

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