Color Me taps trend for flawless finishes with foundation device


Color Me has made its debut on the UK market bringing another Korean make-up innovation to Western consumers.

The Color Me Pro Edition Kit (£58), created by Founders Eric Jimenez and Leah Tucker Ashley, is designed to help users apply their liquid or powder foundation, or BB and CC creams with a flawless finish. The kit includes a sonic make-up applicator device, which features a patented disposable sponge that delivers 15,000 pulses per minute, mimicking the tapping finger technique used by some make-up artists. The sponges are described as “pillowy” with a velour feel, and can be used for two to four weeks before needing to be replaced. However, if the user suffers with acne or sensitive skin, it is recommended the sponge is changed more regularly, after one or two weeks.

The method of application is claimed to be a hygienic option for those concerned about the spreading of germs, something that can occur when fingers are used to apply foundation or the same brush is used repeatedly without cleansing.

To use the device, it is recommended to apply liquid foundation all over the sponge, plus another pump on top of that, although for powder foundations it is advised that the sponge is patted directly onto the product before turning on the device.

Jimenez said: “I always knew something was missing from foundation application, which is why I created Color Me: a clinically-proven solution. It’s really a tool to help women enhance their individual beauty. I believe in celebrating the skin we live in – our own unique beauty and complexion."

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