Colorise your shatterproof dropper tubes

Published: 16-Jun-2022

Two exciting innovations for serum and oil bottles

After much research and testing, Epopack has just released new dropper attachments that are made in PET plastic instead of glass, that can also be easily colour-customised.

Less Breakage, Easier Recycling

As you probably already know, most dropper tubes are made of glass. Glass is prone to cracking and breaking.

With PET plastic tubes, your customers will get the same performance as glass tubes, but in a way more durable (and shatterproof) material.

PET is also the most recyclable plastic.

And because our bottles and collars are made with PET as well, you are one step closer to offering a complete set of mono-material packaging that is very eco-friendly.

Stand Out With Customised Colours (At A Lower MOQ)

Customising the colour of traditional glass tubes is difficult and results in a high Minimum Order Quantity.

Now, with PET droppers, you can easily choose any custom colour you like.

And since our PET is made in a unique “Heavy Wall” style, it has the sturdy appearance and feel of glass, so you are not sacrificing any luxury.

Made With A Conscience, In Taiwan

Epopack is a 30+ year Taiwanese manufacturer of sustainable cosmetic packaging for hair and skin care cosmetics.

To obtain dropper and bottle samples in either virgin PET or 100% PCR PET – or if you just want to be added to Epopack's mailing list so you are the first to know of new products like this – then email project manager Amy Pan now:

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