Connecting With Modern Consumers

Published: 6-Jul-2021

Siltech joins forces with ACT Solutions and Cosmetics Business as they discuss verified sustainable personal care formulations on 12 August at 10am EST/ 3pm BST

Modern cosmetic consumers purchase products expecting a multi-faceted experience. They anticipate functional performance as advertised, a sensorial “wow” factor, and ethical satisfaction. Ethical satisfaction has risen in significance as consumer awareness regarding environmental and social impacts resulting from individual purchasing decisions has increased.

Products appealing not only to the senses, but also to the desired greater good, are gaining in popularity. Brand managers seeking consumer loyalty are attempting to satisfy these evolving consumer desires.

Formulators, in turn, find it increasingly difficult to meet the ever-evolving desires. This presentation will outline multiple challenges facing formulators and provide insights for solving them.

Premium performing verified sustainable personal care formulations will be presented, alongside tangible benefits that connect with modern consumers.

Register here and join Mark Chandler, President of ACT Solutions, Brian Allen, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Sltech and Julia Wray, Technical Editor at Cosmetics Business as they discuss how to connect with modern consumers.

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