Consumers confirm that CELLYNKAGE marine ingredient visibly improves overall complexion

Women above their 50s are now living according to how they feel, rather than how they are supposed to for their age. They have a confident, fun, active and energetic attitude toward life and they embrace their wrinkles and flaws even though they still like to take care of their skin and look their best.

At this age, the biological process of menopause entails several modifications that affect from emotions and hormones to the skin. An increase in dryness, a reduction in skin thickness and elasticity and alterations in surface roughness and microrelief are some of the characteristic consequences of aged and hormonally-aged skin.

With age and with an increased hormonal deficiency, Cx levels are lost, resulting in an incorrect cellular communication that can lead to a loss of tissue efficiency. Reestablishing this communication is key for minimizing visible signs of aging.

Lipotec’s CELLYNKAGE marine ingredient is a biotechnological ingredient meant to enhance both direct communication between neighboring skin cells as well as crosstalk between epidermal and dermal cells in order to help restore cell functioning and homeostasis lost during aging and during hormonal aging.

As a result, it showed to assist in obtaining a better skin thickness, collagen density, microrelief structure and surface smoothness.

Recently, a new clinical test was carried out to evaluate the macroscopic complexion improving effect of the active ingredient in two groups of 20 female volunteers between 50 and 65 years old, showing clinical signs of chrono-aging on the face and skin ptosis of the lower part of the face.

The subjects of each group either applied a cream containing 5% CELLYNKAGE marine ingredient or a placebo cream on the face, twice a day for 28 days.

At the beginning and at the end of the treatment, digital images of the volunteers were obtained and evaluated by consumers from the same age range through a survey. From the 150 participants, 91% had a clear preference for the image after the treatment.

In which of the images does the woman look younger?

CELLYNKAGE marine ingredient helps the skin to age better for a healthier overall appearance.

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