Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest 'healthy beauty' trends of 2018 in new report

Healthy and clean beauty is inspiring some of the biggest industry trends, from microbiome body care to anti-pollution skin care – and that's only just the beginning

Market overview: At a glance

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Top 5 trends:

1. Microbiome skin care

2. Anti-pollution

3. Functional foods

4. Skingestibles

5. DIY beauty

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Global Top 5 Largest Health & Beauty Markets 2017

Sales through health and beauty specialist retailers only. Source: Euromonitor International

Key market challenges addressed

Sales through health and beauty
specialist retailers only.
Source: Euromonitor International

An established megatrend, healthy living encompasses a more holistic view of health that goes beyond preventing illness. It weaves in physical and mental wellbeing, and connects inner health and outer beauty.

It has created some of the most influential current trends in personal care, from anti-pollution to microbiome beauty – fuelling success for brands with a healthy beauty positioning, but also raising challenges.

Brands are under increasing pressure to prove that their products are truly beneficial for skin health. “Brands have to be more serious in doing extensive clinical testings to assess formula efficiency, formula innocuity and also formula suitability for sensitive skins,” says Sue Nabi, founder of healthy skin care brand Orveda. She adds: “We have invested in more than 20 clinical trials on over 300 people and this is what it takes to create health-oriented formulations.”

Another issue is whether consumers are now experiencing ‘clean fatigue’. Noting the backlash against a recent story on Goop’s website about thyroid cancer, Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of JWT’s Innovation Group, comments: “While consumers remain concerned about the levels of chemicals in products, there’s evidence that they’re growing weary of some brands’ and products’ more out-there claims when it comes to ‘clean’ health and wellness.”

While it makes sense for health-oriented beauty brands to continue to use the ethics associated with natural claims, brands that position their products as alternatives to conventional formulations should move on and carve out a new position, based on their own, proven benefits for the health of the skin.

Healthy Beauty: Overview

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