Covid-19: Four formulations for skin-friendly hand cleansing

This special formulations page in response to the Covid-19 crisis features products that cleanse, sanitise and protect hands and surfaces

Cosmetics Business rounds up some novel formulas in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Featuring products that cleanse, sanitise and protect your skin, here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

Whenever possible hand washing for 20 seconds is recommended. This sulfate-free bar soap formulation from Surfachem is claimed to have excellent foaming and cleansing properties.


To the main vessel add Ninol COMF-N, Surfac CS and dye, and heat until melted at 85°C. Then add Stepan-Mild GCC, Bio-Terge AS-90 Coarse and Lathanol LAL Coarse.

Keep heating with stirring until 95°C is reached and the mixture has a smooth, runny consistency. Add the fragrance and Lactic Acid 88% with stirring. Fill your storage container/mould at once – tap the sides of the mould gently to ensure all air bubbles are removed. Allow to cool completely before removing from the mould.

Formulation 2

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be drying when used multiple times a day. Here Inolex suggests Lasting Moisture Hand Sanitizer, a version containing its skin conditioning emollients to keep skin soft and healthy while protecting from pathogens.


Disperse Carbopol Ultrez 10 into the glycerin and mix uniformly. Then disperse the slurry into water. Homogenise mixture for one minute and make sure there are no clumps.

Add the other items (save the aminomethyl propanol) into the main batch one by one with medium-high mixing. Add the aminomethyl propanol for neutralisation and mix uniformly to form a smooth and clear gel.

Formulation 3

This recipe for Hand Sanitizer – Fresh & Cool is from Schill+Seilacher and provides a clear, colourless liquid.


Preparation Heat phase A up to 70°C. Maintain temperature and add phase B while stirring. Mix until preparation appears homogenous. Cool down to room temperature. Add phase C in listed order while stirring. Adjust pH value with phase D. Add phase E.

Formulation 4

By now, much of the population will be dealing with sore, chapped hands from necessary overwashing and over-use of hand sanitiser. Evonik’s formulation for a Skin Balancing Hand Cream promises to soothe irritated skin.


Heat phase A and B separately to approximately 80°C. Add phase A to phase B with stirring. Homogenise. Cool with gentle stirring to approximately 60°C and add phase C. Homogenise for a short time. Cool with gentle stirring and add phase D and E below 40°C.

(Note: if phase A has to be charged into the vessel first, phase B must be added without stirring).

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