Covid-19 sparks epidemic in declining self-confidence

By Becky Bargh | Published: 13-Aug-2021

More than half of Brits reported feeling less confident than they did prior to the pandemic – but beauty is set to benefit as consumers look to rebrand themselves

The outbreak of Covid-19 has picked up the world as it was known and shook it into a new reality.

And the grueling months of lockdown have taken their toll on Britons, as more than half admit they are less confident than they were prior to the pandemic.

Findings by invisible teeth aligners group PlusDent, discovered that almost one in five feel pressured to look good in a post-pandemic world, while others are finding social media and programmes such as Love Island are dampening their confidence.

However, on the back of this, the beauty industry is set to benefit, as more than a quarter of people (26%) say they plan to make more of an effort with their appearance.

Among the top physical treatments Brits are likely to consider include: straightening or improving their teeth, radically changing their hair or lasering their skin.

Speaking about the findings, leading TV psychologist, Honey Langcaster-James, said: “Whenever anyone comes out the other side of a major life-changing event, especially if it has been extremely challenging to cope with, it can be quite common to see them wanting to make a fresh start in some way.

“Psychologically speaking, making a big change, like refreshing your look, overhauling your daily routine, or starting a health drive, can all be great ways to draw a line under it all and put things behind you.”

Meanwhile, some 27% of women said they were more likely to take time to pamper themselves, as self-care and wellbeing become favourable trends in the space.

“It’s clear to see that people are looking to make positive changes following a difficult year and it’s important that people do whatever works best for them to improve their self-confidence,” added PlusDent’s co-CEO Eva-Maria Meijnen.

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