Cult Beauty bans sale of badger hair on site

By Becky Bargh 2-Dec-2019

The beauty retailer follows brands including NARS, Morphe and Penhaligon’s, which have also pledged to stop using badger hair in their make-up brushes

With the rise of vegan-friendly cosmetics ripping through the beauty sector, online retailer Cult Beauty has banned the sale of badger hair brushes on its site.

Using badger hair in make-up brushes has become a contentious subject in the beauty industry since activists have become growingly concerned about farming conditions.

Controversy came to a head last year after animal welfare activist group PETA exposed China’s badger hair industry, which subjects animals to extreme violence.

In footage released by the group, badgers were seen screaming at abattoir workers while others showed signs of, what PETA called, severe psychological disorder.

PETA has welcomed the decision by Cult Beauty.

Elisa Allen PETA’s Director said: “No make-up brush is worth tormenting and killing a sensitive wild animal.

“By banning the sale of badger hair brushes on its hugely influential platform, Cult Beauty is helping PETA push the cosmetics industry in a kinder direction.”

The news comes a month after beauty brand NARS pledged to stop using badger hair for its brushes.

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Beauty brands including Morphe, Penhaligon’s and The Art of Shaving have also stopped using badger hair in its products.