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Cosmetic Brush and Accessory Design Leader to Feature Extensive Collections and Spectacular Animations at MakeUp in NewYork

Anisa International, Inc., the worldwide leader in cosmetic brush design and manufacturing, is making its presence known at MakeUp in NewYork with live demonstrations featuring its innovative and stylish  product collections. To showcase The Glider Collection™ in action, Shana King, senior director of beauty and education, will utilize the brushes to create show-stopping looks during daily animations. The show punctuates an exciting year for the company which introduced its  revamped website in June along with more than 35 new products introduced in 2013 that are driving consumer trends.

“From  our  innovative  brush  heads  to  our  expertly-designed  handles  and  ferrules,  our  wide-ranging collections demonstrate the consumers’ need for products that match their style and personality but are, above all, effective tools that help them achieve the makeup look they want,” said Anisa Telwar, founder and president of Anisa International. “We are thrilled to display many of our next-level cosmetic brushes at MUINY but also highlight the true collaborative effort we strive for between the product and the cosmetic brush.”

WHAT: Anisa International presents The Glider Collection™; Casting Acrylic Collection in fabric logo; Glitz & Glam Collection in glitter; Feather Spray; Ombre Collection in metallic; Crackle Collection with UV coating; Dual Fiber, Dual Fiber Composition and Dual Fiber Complexion collections; Dual Sided Face Collection; Complexion Collection; Line Maker Collection

WHO: Anisa Telwar and Shana King as well as other Anisa International team members will be on hand to demonstrate how these new 2013 collections are redefining makeup application

WHERE: MakeUp in NewYork, Booth 322, CENTER 548, New York

WHEN: September 25 & 26, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; animations by Shana King at 1 p.m. on the 25 and 26


Spectacular Animations: The Latest Looks Live in Action

Designed for Beauty

Highlighting The Glider Collection™, one of the most groundbreaking beauty innovations to debut this year, Shana King, senior director of beauty and education, will create makeup looks that bring the drama of high-fashion runway to MUINY at 1 p.m. on the 25 and 26.

The patent-pending brush head in The Glider Collection™ is designed with a unique blend of fibers and curved to fit the face’s natural contours for a more precise and lasting application. Its ability to penetrate deep into the skin and create

definition makes it the perfect tool for the “Galactic” and “Pretty in Pink” animations Shana will perform at the show.

Using several brushes from The Glider Collection™ along with tools from the Complexion and Dual Sided collections, Shana will utilize a colorful palette of blue, green and pink along with a strong lip pigment to create the bold titanium look “Galactic.” Featuring brushes from The Glider Collection™ as well as Composition and Line Maker collections, Shana’s “Pretty in Pink” look

will  combine  soft  pink  hues  with  the  deep  black  eyeliner  that  is currently trending in the industry.

Designed for Beauty

“When designing our cosmetic brushes, we ensure that they are consumer and beauty professional-friendly, so that everyone is better armed to create their ideal look, whether it’s for a glamorous party or a Tuesday at the office,” said King. “Through these animations, guests at MUINY will get to see how Anisa International brushes – like those in The Glider Collection™ – and trend-setting makeup go hand in hand.”

Handles that Turn Heads

Designed for Beauty

This year at MUINY, Anisa International will present its extensive brush handle collections that mirror the latest in high-style. Through an artisanal, handmade process, brush handles in the Casting Acrylic Collection are uniquely patterned, creating a fluent effect that evokes luxury and style. The latest extension of this line can now include a company’s logo swirled in the core of the brush, creating a contemporary look that increases brand awareness.

The Glitz & Glam Collection’s new glitter handles are sure to make a statement this season. As award shows begin, these brushes ensure that the Hollywood stars are not the only ones embracing a more opulent style.

As part of Anisa International’s new Textural Revolution, the Feather Spray handle employs fluid design to simulate movement and waves. The manipulated surface of the handle creates illusion and detail, mimicking futuristic trends in high-fashion.

Designed for Beauty

Why choose between two popular trends when you can have both in one brush?  Anisa International’s Ombre Collection now comes in metallic, combining the subtle gradation of ombre with the bold, confident statement of silver and gold hues.

The Crackle Collection, a striking beauty mosaic, is now available with UV coating that gives an extra shine to the metallic texture consumers love.

The Versatility of Dual Fiber

Designed for Beauty

With its seamlessly blended synthetic and natural fibers, the Dual Fiber brush head provides a lightweight finish when paired with a variety of formulas. The Dual Fiber Collection features cheek, foundation and concealer brushes that create flawless makeup application.

Now, the Complexion Collection is also available in dual fiber. Pairing the collection’s unique dome brush head shape with the versatility of dual fiber allows for streak free and penetrating application of today’s hottest products for face and eye.

For highlighting, accentuating and finishing product, the Composition Collection features expert tools equipped with dual fiber technology and streamlined design. The paddle shape allows consumers to layer and blend makeup, giving them the dimensional look trending today.

And All of Your 2013 Anisa International Favorites

Designed for Beauty

On display at MUINY, Anisa International will also present some of its most revolutionary products launched this year:

  • Dual Sided Face – the all-in-one, patented (U.S. Patent 8,256,058) tool pairs the high-impact application from synthetics with the soft blending delivered by natural fibers in sweep, cover, finish, large blend and small blend brushes for the face.

  • Complexion Collection - the unique wide-domed brushes provide the ideal application for both liquid and powder-based foundations, concealers and minerals. The head shape blends product into skin deeper than a flat-shaped brush due to the concentrated fibers which create a seamless deposit of color and coverage for face and eyes.

  • Line Maker Collection – now including 10 different brushes, the uniquely structured Line Makers give users precision placement

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    and an enhanced application of today’s top trending eye product formulas. The design and construction of each brush was expertly created to engineer the most imaginative makeup looks.