Did you know that 94% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase?

Published: 16-Nov-2022

No longer purely driven by brand marketing, the future of beauty purchasing lies in the hands of the consumer. Introducing Beauty Buddy – a beauty-centric app, developed in 2019, that not only allows consumers to access honest peer-to-peer reviews and product information via their phones, it also allows brands and retailers to connect through actionable data insights and product sampling

‘Shopping for a foundation brush and coming away confused and fatigued by the amount of choice led to the idea of The Beauty Buddy app,’ explains award-winning Irish entrepreneur Wendy Slattery, who along with sister Tracy Leavy, co-founded Beauty Buddy. ‘Beauty Buddy has carved a new digital path: Once the app is downloaded, users scan a product’s barcode or search to discover product information and genuine reviews. The app crucially offers big data to brands.’

Data is like gold dust to brands, helping them to further understand the shopper’s needs and behaviours, and optimise opportunities to progress new product development and approaches, ensuring they hold – and crucially keep, a strong standing in the marketplace.

‘Beauty Buddy is a game-changer, building a better understanding of the future beauty Consumer through data and product sampling. Beauty Buddy provides brands with powerful understandings via our highly engaged, beauty-focused community, helping to keep their business ever relevant in an aggressive market space. Based on competitor and consumer analysis, the rich and intelligent data helps accelerate growth by transforming business strategy with actionable and affordable analytics.’ - Wendy Slattery, CEO and co-founder of Beauty Buddy.

Pioneering the trend for ‘shoppertainment’, Beauty Buddy combines the world of ecommerce, entertainment, and consumers’ everyday lifestyles to drive engagement with interactive online experiences, making it even easier for a consumer to navigate the beauty aisles, and discover and purchase new products authentically.

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