Dior’s iconic J’adore fragrance flacon reimagined for Christmas 2021

By Becky Bargh 1-Dec-2021

French architect India Mahdavi has designed the new pack that is said to ‘irresistibly’ draw in the wearer’s touch

Just 1,000 pieces of the new J'adore design have been created

Just 1,000 pieces of the new J'adore design have been created

Dior has given its famed J’adore fragrance flacon a makeover for the festive period 2021.

Reimagined by French architect India Mahdavi, she has taken inspiration from the scent’s floral notes and created an amphora that is designed to ‘irresistibly’ draw the wearer’s touch.

The flacon is made with spirals that emulate the J’adore necklace winding around the curves of the bottle.

Crafted in Venice, the piece is decorated with a golden thread, running along the glass spiral, giving a nod to the fragrance's former pack with hints of gold.

The box, meanwhile, uses a soft paper fabric for a textured effect, and large jasmine flowers, used within the scent, are placed on the packaging.

“Luxurious and sensual, the India Mahdavi amphora is a technical feat designed to be executed by the brilliant craftsman of Murano [island in Venice],” the LVMH-licensed brand said in a statement.

“This spiral of beauty is made for veritable ‘adoration’,” it added.

Just 1,000 pieces of the new scent bottle have been made and are priced at £1,250 each.

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Dior is releasing the new design on 14 December at Dior Beauty’s Christmas pop-up at Harrods.