Do we need gendered marketing in the 21st century?


Millions of marketing campaigns rely on gendered marketing to convey a brand message. But for a generation that doesn't conform to traditional ideas of sexuality and genders, do brands need to go back to the drawing board?

Do we need gendered marketing in the 21st century?

Sam Farmer is the founder of unisex personal care brand for teenagers SAMFARMER. A stay-at-home dad for more than 15 years, he decided to retrain and create the brand in a bid to combat the gendered marketing his adolescent children were exposed to.

Here he talks to Cosmetic Business about the limitations and potentially damaging impact of gendered marketing, as well as how brands should connect to the generation shunning the marketing stereotype.

Sam Farmer

Sam Farmer

"I can just remember seeing British heavyweight boxer Henry Cooper ‘splashing it all over’ for Brut 33 on television in the 1970s and my mum remembers seeing the Clairol ads asking, ‘Does she…or doesn’t she?’ when questioning whether a woman has dyed her hair.

Over generations, gendered marketing has left its indelible mark on millions of people. It’s part of the industry in which we can identify and recognise.

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Fast forward to the 21st century and something has ...

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