Dr. PAWPAW proud to support the GetLippy campaign for The Eve Appeal

Published: 10-May-2022

Throughout May, the Eve Appeal drive their GetLippy campaign to encourage you to speak out, get educated and spread the awareness about gynaelogical cancer

It's time we bust the shame about gynaecological healthcare to help aid in early detection.

We are honoured to be supporting the #GetLippy campaign this year by donating 10% of all sales on Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm.

Our contribution along with the other participating brands and sponsors will help to allow The Eve Appeal reach even more people and spread the message.

Please help us in spreading the word about gynaecological cancer and promoting us and the participating brands listed here to get even more sales and in return more donations.

A huge thank you in advance if you can help.

Know your normal and don't leave something that isn't quite right. - Check out this video here too - did you know there are five different types of gynaecological cancers?

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