ECOFIL establishes the issue of sustainability in effect pigments for cosmetics

Published: 21-May-2020

The market for natural cosmetics is growing steadily. The natural filler ECOFIL B 110 from ECKART is the first choice for decorative cosmetics and personal care applications.

ECOFIL B 110 is used as filler and matting agent. It also helps to reduce skin impurities and small wrinkles.

ECOFIL B 110 is based on naturally fermented, non-genetically modified corn and is biodegradable. ECOFIL B 110 supports the development of natural cosmetics and at the same time addresses sustainability issues such as biodegradability and avoidance of microplastics.

With itswhite colour, ECOFIL B 110 enables very white and clean looking formulations -without additional brighteners.

Its transmission and opacity properties also recommend ECOFIL B 110 as a soft focus agent, giving a healthy and natural skin appearance.

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