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Published: 28-Sep-2021

Extension screw on part of SC4124 & SC4324 PET cap strength the correction of the cap alignment

SC4124 & SC4324 screw on caps are exclusive for AV sereis PET heavy wall bottles.

The EPOPACK AV Series of PET bottles delivers on a modern, minimalist shape with max area for decoration... and a unique PET flush-cap. This is one of the most popular family in our range.


These caps are made in PET material. Often caps could be made in AS, PP, or PS plastic. This is done to reduce cost. However, these non-PET caps crack easily, and not easy to be recycled.

So our high-quality flush PET cap is both an eco-friendly and structural advantage.


Flush cap creates a size impression for the packaging. It makes the packaging looks bigger and more complete.

Dual seals mean there is a stopper plug inside cap and a ring surrounding the stopper. This is a rare feature solves the common consumer complaint that many bottles don’t seal properly.

Our "Heavy Wall" style produces a plastic that looks like glass, while staying sturdy and light.


This series is available with full decoration options (printing, hot stamping, spray color, injection color)

Although the packages can be customized as you like, one popular style is to do the cap and bottle completely transparent. Our PET plastic is crystal clear. It's also chemical resistant and shatterproof.


Extension screw on part of SC4124 & SC4324 PET cap strength the correction of the cap alignment, that make sure the caps stand up straight.

Material, outside dimensions and seal functions will not be impacted or changed by this improvement.

To see if the AV Series is the right fit for your brand, to discover more details on the improvements or to get a personal consultation to compare all your options, email our project manager Amy Pan: mycb@epopack.com

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