Eurofins' efficacy tests on cellulite

Published: 24-Feb-2016

Anti-cellulite / slimming products

In today’s society body image is increasingly important, with ‘problems’ such as cellulite or, not being as slim or toned as one would like, being concerns for many. Therefore, new and more innovative slimming products are constantly launched on the market. Eurofins offers you a different, but complementary, methods to evaluate the efficacy of your slimming and anti-cellulite products.


Our first technique is based on the measurement of the leg‘s (or other zones’) circumference (in cm). Using a graduated meter we measure before and after applying a certain dermo-cosmetic product. Secondly, we use our high- tech device PRIMOS in order to test cosmetic products. Without touching the human body, we quantify the efficacy of an anti-cellulite effect by analysing the cutaneous relief by fringes projection. This method delivers a topographically map presenting the skin surface. Therefore, it allows to detect the decrease of roughness parameters which in turn represent a reduction of cellulite.

Eurofins' efficacy tests on cellulite


  • Slimming
  • Smoothing of orange-peel skin
  • Anti-cellulite effect
  • Anti-fat storage
  • Draining


  • Body circumference measurement (tights, hips, and waist)
  • Weight analysis by determination of the Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Fringe projection by PRIMOS
  • Self-evaluation
  • Dermatological assessment
  • Measurement of skin elasticity by Cutometer

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