Five Dot Botanics is changing the game for inclusivity

Published: 6-Mar-2020

The product range is designed to move away from traditional ideas of binary beauty

Five Dot Botanics is a new British minimal ingredient gender neutral skincare brand. Whether you're male, female, non-binary, transgender, gay, straight, young or old, their aim is to make skincare that is suitable for everyone.

Founded by Zaffrin and Brian O’Sullivan, the London-based Five Dot Botanics launched in July of 2019 with the guiding principles of ingredient minimalism and inclusivity.

The brand is primarily sold direct-to-consumer and in UK retailers Holland & Barrett and online retailers Farmdrop, Myza, and Immaculate Vegan.

The brand launched with a capsule collection of 5 products that focus on essential skin care. The product range has picked up a range of beauty awards.

The brand has an engaged following on Instagram and the design intentionally looks beyond stereotypically 'male' and 'female' marketing, packaging and products.

Five Dot Botanics has their eye firmly on the next generation of customers who increasingly say they want brands to embrace gender inclusivity.

Five Dot Botanics are also prioritising diversity, as gender fluidity is only one facet of total inclusivity.

Zaffrin O’Sullivan Co-Founder of Five Dot Botanics said: “Gender inclusivity is only part of a larger conversation that is happening in the beauty industry, which is about better serving consumers who for a long time have been underrepresented.”

The brand secured their first round investment from Worth Capital in January 2020.

Matthew Cushen from Worth Capital said: "We rate the proposition as one of the strongest we’ve seen and believe, with cash investment and maybe also the benefit of some of our experience, that Zaffrin and Brian can grow something really exciting – for consumers and our investors".

Five Dot Botanics Pure Rewind Face Mask is currently shortlisted in the Pure Beauty Global Awards in the category of Best New Inclusive Skin & Body Product.

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