Frank Body brings personal care to the fore with Everyday range

By Becky Bargh 24-Feb-2021

The body scrub expert is making ‘afterthought’ personal care products a priority with its new 5-strong line

Frank Body has turned its attention to run-of-the-mill personal care products with its new Everyday beauty range.

The expert in body scrubs has introduced a new 5-strong line featuring two deodorants, two body washes and a new face wash.

Marketed with ‘clean’ ingredients, the aluminium-free deodorants (£11.95 each) are available in a Cucumber & Green Tea variant or unscented sku.

Both products are blended with rice bran oil to prevent odour and soothe skin.

Meanwhile, the body washes (£9.95 each), available in an unscented and Milk & Honey scented versions, are blended with kakadu plum, pomegranate extract and the brand’s hero ingredient, coffee seed extract.

Finally, the brand’s new Salicylic face wash (£9.95), made with active ingredients, is aimed at consumers with acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Salicylic acid is said to exfoliate dead skin to help prevent breakouts, while niacinamide balances oil production and reduces redness.

“Personal care as a category is often an afterthought for brands and consumers,” said Frank Body’s co-founder Bree Johnson.

“We all tend to grab whatever body wash or deodorant is on special at the supermarket and don’t think about the actual ingredients we are absorbing through our skin or washing down the drain.

“We have always believed that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your mouth.

“That is why the Everyday range is made with ingredients that are clean, effective and make you feel great.”

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The products are expected to launch on 23 February via