Frezyderm creates website to support acne sufferers

By Becky Bargh | Published: 23-Jul-2018

More than a third of acne sufferers are not able to identify safe and effective treatments for their acne, study finds

Frezyderm, a derma-cosmetic brand, has created a website in partnership with the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) for consumers who suffer with acne.

The site is intended to give expert advice on causes, prevention and effective treatments for acne patients.

The new site, Acne Support, will also offer emotional support addressing the psychological effects of suffering with acne; research undertaken by BAD showed that 54% of sufferers feel acne has had a negative impact on their self-confidence.

“We understand that acne can have a huge physical and psychological impact on people’s lives,” said Chrisoula Gouskou, Pharmacist, Quality and Training Manager for Frezyderm.

“Coping with such a skin condition that is so prominent can be mentally damaging, particularly when it is on the face and one of the first things people notice.”

Frezyderm has also created a range of Ac-Norm products specifically designed to target problem skin.

Products include sunscreen protectors, lip care products and moisturisers.

Head of Communications for BAD, Nina Goad, said: “We’ve long been aware of the lack of support available to those experiencing acne, so we are delighted to now be able to provide a hub of resources and practical knowledge for this extremely common yet overlooked condition.

“Unlike most other common skin conditions there isn’t a national charity or support group dedicated to acne.

“With Frezyderm’s support of the website we can strive to improve people’s lives and make acne more manageable and less distressing.”

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