From dream to reality: Skincare by VV's CEO and founder, Valérie Vroome, discusses how the brand came to be

Published: 18-Jan-2021

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During my 30+ year career, I took the habit to keep all the creams that I liked in a box that I stored for ‘later'.  From each of them, I took the elements that I liked.

So this skin care line reflected completely what I think and how I see skin care. The starting point for Skincare by VV was identifying the most potent molecules so that every woman has a beautiful, glowing and fresh skin every day of the year.

I have searched until I found the texture that I liked, the smell that was appropriate and naturally, seen my background as pharmacist, the perfect ingredient combination that makes the difference on the skin.

You needed to really see the difference immediately as well as on the longer term.

Beginning 2019, I met a colleague pharmacist who understood directly what she was looking for. I took my time to develop the 4 products, insisting of ingredients that had to be incorporated in the formulations because I am convinced that they make the difference, looking for the perfect sensation when applied of the skin.

This led to a day cream, a night cream, a serum and a cleanser. Thereupon, I wanted that using the products was a complete experience. It is like when you buy a new smartphone. The best moment is when you open the box and remove the protective film from the phone. That moment has some magic and I wanted to have the same experience.

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