Gigi Laboratories launches The ACNON Line

Published: 30-Jan-2020

The ACNON line simultaneously treats both the symptoms of acne and the root of the problem. The line includes the patented RET Complex which contains three active ingredients that act synergistically to maximise their effect

Unique selling points

  • Suitable for all types of acne (RET Complex)
  • Suitable for all skin tones (RET Complex)
  • Can be used all year round (Granactive Retinoid)
  • Can be used for long periods of time (up to 2-3 years) due to a friendly derivative of Retinol that does not irritate the skin (Granactive Retinoid)
  • Deep treatment on the sebaceous glands without restrictions (unlike Roaccutane)
  • Treats simultaneously both the symptoms of acne (infections, wounds, and scars) and the root of the problem (sebaceous glands) (RET Complex)
  • Contains a unique peptide which prevents scar formation (Kollaren)
  • Quick results - significantly improves skin condition within a few days (RET Complex)
  • No side effects - no dryness, no redness, no irritation (RET Complex)
  • ACNON line provides a cost-effective solution for all stages of acne.

ACNON Line: Facts

  • Backed by extensive clinical and medical research
  • Active ingredients proven effective through clinical trials at leading Israeli medical dermatology department
  • Patented active ingredient RET Complex
  • Tested by social media influencers and opinion leaders, who have testified to the impressive, rapid results
  • ACNON combines high efficiency, ease of use, absence of side effects and minimisation of post acne scars.

GIGI Laboratories: Facts

  • Over 60 years of experience in the cosmetology world
  • Active across 4 continents
  • Develops innovative new product lines, backed by clinical research
  • Harnesses the most advanced technologies on the market
  • Collaborates closely with the dermatology departments of leading hospitals
  • Manufactures all products under strict quality, efficiency, and reliability control procedures, in superior production conditions
  • Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and certified in accordance with the US standard, as well as the requirements of the European market
  • Presents at international professional expos every year.

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