Givaudan Active Beauty invites you to live a Hair Odyssey

New entertaining concept: Immersive Beauty Experience

Sharing innovation, creativity and inspiration with customers is a core priority of Givaudan Active Beauty experts. By building on synergies between its cellular biology and digital marketing teams, Givaudan Active Beauty is releasing its new “Immersive Beauty Experience” application combining virtual reality and motion sensing technologies.

After the huge success of Skin Odyssey last year, the very first educative virtual reality application showing skin’s beauty architecture, enabling a full immersion into the body and more specifically into the layers of the skin, Active Beauty digital team has gone one step further to create Hair Odyssey. This new 3D experience allows traveling into the human scalp and discovering all the details of the hair from the roots to the end.

Let yourself be enchanted by a unique experience lead by a voice-over who will bring you through an unforgettable journey discovering the whole details of the scalp highlighting the different elements: follicle, matrix, sebaceous gland and the reserve of stem cells. You will also explore the whole composition of the hair, principally the 3 main structures: cortex, medulla & cuticle cells and finally the different steps of the hair regrowth. This journey will let you visualise the benefits of different cosmetic active ingredients on the scalp and hair.

Embrace the essence of this incredible sensation and engage your sensitive touch while interacting with what will be shown through its sensational world of motion gaming with our new Hair Odyssey experience.

Célia Goudin, Digital Marketing Project Manager, said: “Following the great success of our virtual reality Skin Odyssey, celebrated by our customers worldwide, we really wanted to offer them an augmented version by creating Hair Odyssey. We have been able to encapsulate this new odyssey in a user friendly iOS and Android application called “Immersive Beauty Experience” which can they can download for free on their smartphones. We strive to inspire our customers and we have no limits when it comes to bring them real breakthrough innovations.”

Come to enjoy this experience while seducing your senses in our Virtual Reality corner, booth FF10 at in-cosmetics Global in London.

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