Givaudan Active Beauty launches Skin Care Highlighter

The highlighter is a unique glowing concentrate powered by active ingredients

Inspired by the latest Asian beauty trends, Givaudan Active Beauty developed ‘Skin Care Highlighter’, a transforming gel dedicated for the cheekbones that can be added to your skincare routine.

This microbiome-friendly skin perfecter is highly concentrated in active ingredients to instantly illuminate your skin for a natural and make-up free result.

According to Mintel, brands need to develop new products that play on transparency and finishes that merge with consumers' skincare routines, while seizing the opportunity to develop beauty looks for all skin tones.

Seen as the final touch of any makeup routine, highlighters are the perfect way to bring glow to any face in few seconds.

Added to the skincare routine, they become the easiest way to obtain a glass skin effect for a natural look, a beauty trend which is sought by 60%1 of the 20-24 year old Chinese makeup users.

Our new Skin Care Highlighter instantly creates this transparent nude look requested by consumers and brings the right bioactives to deliver long term results.

Shan Godbille, Strategic Marketing and CMI Manager said: “We have identified that healthy glowing skin is strongly desired by women around the globe.

"Many brands are shifting their positioning from whitening to illuminating, and globally, new skin care launches with illuminating and brightening claims have increased from 16% to 25%2 between 2015 and 2019.”

Infused by six active ingredients, Skin Care Highlighter will:

Replump your “apple muscles”
Coming from upcycled vetiver roots, Vetivyne brings exclusive anti-ageing properties and gives back volume to your face.

Whiten your skin every morning
Flashwhite Unispheres offer an ‘instant whitening filter’ effect to instantly and visually brighten complexion and skin tone. Their instant effect is sustained by Brightenyl, a skin complexion bioptimiser reducing pore size and skin redness.

Balance and activate your skin microbiome
Unibiotics are light-pink coloured visual cues loaded with Yogurtene Balance, a prebiotic and paraprobiotic to balance the skin microflora.

Hydrate your skin with a sensory touch
Unitamuron H-22 is a vegetal-like hyaluronic acid, which brings a unique melting, velvety-smooth and moisturising effect onto the skin. It is combined with Cristalhyal, a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to prevent skin dehydration.

After applying the sensory formula on the cheekbone, it will fuse into your skin bringing an instant highlight in a few seconds. Skin Care Highlighter is a single use concept and can also be applied on the chin, nose, upper lip and around the eyebrows.

Our latest innovative product to share with customers, Skin Care Highlighter opens the door to a new generation of multi-beneficial products for all consumers by delivering amazing face shaping effects, sustainable skin care benefits and novel sensory experiences.

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