Givaudan unveils the first microbiome fragrance tech

By Julia Wray 4-Nov-2021

The Z-biome platform comprises microbiome-friendly fragrances for personal care

Givaudan has launched what it describes as the first microbiome-centred fragrance technologies for the personal care industry.

My Z-biome is a design tool that lets Givaudan perfumers craft fragrances that take special consideration of the skin’s microflora.

The Z-biome Deo technology, meanwhile, is specifically for personal hygiene and allows for the creation of microbiome-friendly and deo-effective fragrances.

Z-biome Deo is said to be based on more than 30 years of expertise in malodour counteraction research to combat sweat-related odours while respecting the natural perspiration process.

“We always try to develop new technologies which are relevant to consumers’ needs, so the new Z-biome platform helps address the desire to protect the skin microbiome as well as enhancing overall wellbeing,” said Jeremy Compton, Givaudan’s Global Head of Science & Technology, Fragrances.

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“We’re very proud of developing these new technologies that are in line with our purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives, with love for nature.”

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