Givenchy Parfums opens metavese art exhibition for Pride

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 22-Jun-2023

The exhibition will showcase art from Vanille Verloës, a French digital fashion designer and artist

Givenchy Parfums has launched an art exhibition in the metaverse to promote LGBT+ artists.

The digital art event will be hosted on Web3 platform Spatial from 22 June to July.

The LVMH-owned fragrance brand previously created an NFT that raised $128,00 in donations for LGBT-focused charity Le MAG Jeunes association.

Givenchy described its current initiative as part of its "commitment to the LGBT to the LGBTQIA+ community during every Pride Month''.

The three artists chosen include Vanille Verloës, a French digital fashion designer and artist.

Her artwork for Givenchy is named 'L’Arbre de Vie' (The Tree of Life), and is said to represent an individual's personal growth and development.

SamJ is an American non-binary artist, now based in Amsterdam, and has been named among the 100 most influential Web3 personalities by industry title NFTnow.

'Engaged Dynamics', created for Givenchy Beauty, aims to reflect the artist’s personal experience of trans identity.

Art by Edgar Fabian Frias, a non-binary artist based in LA, has been viewed than 300 million times on Giphy.

Their piece named 'Chroma Nexus' is a 30 second GIF, in which abstract intensely coloured shapes come to life. 

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