HCT Group celebrates 25 years on Innovations at Luxe Pack Monaco!

Published: 29-Sep-2017

What began as a small London based company has quickly become a global sensation in innovation technology. Established by founder Chris Thorpe in 1992, HCT Group has taken the beauty world by storm in showcasing its state-of-the art design and manufacturing.

With distinguished locations all around the globe, HCT Group has expanded its services to include six individual divisions that continue to guide its customers through the complete development process. From conception to completion, the HCT family works closely with each of its divisions including; HCT packaging, HCT Beauty, HCT Brushes, HCT Airless, HCT Metals and HCT POS to create quality products that exceed industry standards.

At HCT, collaboration is key, while each division specialises in its own product offerings, they all come together for full turnkey projects overseeing logistics, formulation, filling, engineering, manufacturing, point of sale design and brand launch strategy.

This year marks the company’s 25th anniversary and it will be showcasing its latest Airless Innovation, Twist & Zoom and its new Dropper Pen at Luxe Pack Monaco.

HCT Airless offers cutting-edge airless solutions that utilise a method of product dispensing that preserves and protects the integrity of the formulation.

The new airless Twist and Zoom pairs this advanced technology with a patented functionality feature that allows for effortless usage. Easily achieve a more aesthetically, clean design with a simple twist motion that hides the actuator. There is no need to use an overcap with this component.

The zoom, shut off feature provides airtight functionality on the nozzle which prevents leakage. This is great for travel because it eliminates product wastage during storage and is very hygienic.

The new Dropper Pen, with a sleek travel-friendly design, offers an easy distribution compare with your traditional droppers.

For additional information on these products and more, be sure to stop by Booth #DG6 during Luxe Pack Monaco!

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