HCT Group to exhibit at Cosmopack Bologna, 2016

Published: 14-Mar-2016

Each year HCT Group attends Cosmopack Bologna to present clients with their latest innovations in cosmetic packaging options, product formulation and beauty tools and accessories. The company is divided into six divisions in order to meet the needs of every sector of the beauty industry including, HCT Packaging, HCT Beauty, HCT Brushes, HCT Airless, HCT Metals and HCT POS. Members from HCT Group’s globally diverse team come together from every office, bringing with them the latest technologies from across the globe. Each division will be showcasing a portfolio of their most successful projects and custom designs at Cosmopack Bologna.

HCT Packaging

Unique to HCT Group is their design team made up of graphic designers, industrial designers and engineers who construct forward-thinking components that bring new functionality and trends to the market. Compatible with many of these new packaging options is HCT Group’s patented Gel Tip Applicators. Denis Maurin, Vice President of Sales and Industrial Innovation, spoke with Beauty Packaging Magazine about the innovation behind the Gel Tip Applicator, "Our latest innovation in applicators comes in the form of a Gel Tip. This brand new applicator is patented and unlike any other applicator currently being seen on the market. The gel material is very durable and produces a skin-to-skin experience that makes you feel as if you are applying the product with your fingertip. Competing products use materials such as Silicon and TPE to try and achieve the feeling that the gel tip provides. With these materials (Silicon and TPE) the softer the tip becomes, the more slick and sticky the applicator gets. Often times these types of tips have a tendency to remove the product as it is being applied. With the Gel Tip you get a smooth, even application every time without sacrificing the ultra-soft texture.”

HCT Brushes

HCT Group’s Brush division created an exclusive line of brushes, tools and accessories for Cosmopack that showcase the division's premium quality material options and advanced design capabilities. One of the division's most popular styles is their patented 2-in-1 Brushes which are known for their sleek structure, travel-friendly design and full-size functionality. These brushes have thoughtfully merged convenience and style.

HCT Airless

Teaming up with HCT Brushes, HCT Airless division has created a patented retractable, double-ended pump. This component consists of an airless pump on one end and a retractable brush on the other, resulting in an extremely functional design for quick and easy makeup application.

HCT Metals

HCT Group’s Metals division is known for their globally patented Cooling Tip Technology ZAMAC and Ceramic applicators. This technology incorporates a cooling sensation into the application process of cosmetic and skincare products. The ZAMAC tips are now offered in a variety of tones, including blue, black, bronze, rose gold, gold and gunmetal.


HCT POS division offers custom in-store merchandising solutions including gondolas, wall units, counter displays, free standing units, end caps and modular systems. Jeremy Wilson, Senior Designer and Art Director, commented "Our POS division provides clients with the opportunity to turn browsers into buyers with completely custom displays. These uniquely crafted fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing, but meticulously designed down to each detail.”

Last year during Cosmopack Bologna, HCT Group not only informed customers but entertained them with a unique booth featuring a pizza parlor. Guests and prospects should expect equally as exciting an experience at this year’s show. If you plan to attend Cosmopack Bologna, stop by Pavilion 15 Booth F18-G17 / E22-F21 / G26-H26 or visit www.hctpackaging.com for more information.

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