HCT brings new innovation to its stock library

Published: 11-Sep-2018

With quick to market demands on the rise and need for new sleek innovative components, HCT is working hard to bring the most inventive items to the forefront.

First item that launched this year was the Lofted Face Stick. This new component offers a fresh, modern take on the traditional foundation stick. It combines practical function with a sleek ergonomic handle that is lofted for easy handling and controlled product application.

A simple twist on a classic component, the Kat Kit is another exciting component now available in the HCT stock library. The Kat Kit features a recess in the lid for quick to market decoration capabilities.

"The plates can be metal with embossed/debossed pattern and logo, plastic with inkjet printing, fabric and many other options, “ says Denis Maurin, EVP of Technical Sales. "This is great for quick to market launches because it’s a fast way to add as much or as little decoration to the component as the customer would like."

The Kat Kit allows customers the option to completely customize their component with a short lead time. They can use various printing techniques to add depth and dimension, or they can custom tool a plaque in a different material, such as metal, to give the compact an elegant upgrade. For more information on HCT stock items, please reach out to your local HCT Representative or email info@hctgroup.com.

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